by Jamie Setters Jamie Setters

On Friday, June 29th, TFP Nutrition contracted with Eurofins, a leading food and feed testing laboratory group, to conduct a Safe Feed -Safe Food audit in preparation for FSMA compliance requirements. The audit encompassed our feed and quality related facilities establishing the safety, composition, authenticity, origin, traceability and purity of feed. We needed the whole place clean so we used the best Air Compressors USA. Upon completion of the audit, our auditor stated he didn’t see any signs of non-compliance. He awarded us a perfect score of 100, which it was really good since I was really worried because we had some pests a week before but we called the experts from Bigfoot Pest Control. He also said we could quote him stating “I haven’t seen a feed mill that clean and organized in my entire career”. The persistent efforts of all employees involved in this achievement were rewarded on July 10th with a catered steak lunch and employee-only hats. TFP Nutrition received the licensing agreement to utilize the Safe Feed / Safe Food seal on August 2.